4 Unique Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Special This Mother’s Day

Mothers are angels disguised as the cuddly nurturing women we have in our lives. They are the ones who literally stay by our side from the time we are born into this cruel world; helpless and needy till the moment we are independent, confident and responsible adults who still forget to say a word or two of appreciation to the woman who brought them to world. Period.But, don’t you feel bad because it’s never too late! So read ahead as we bring to you 4 amazing ways to make your Mama feel loved and cherished again!

  1. Surprise Her With An Unexpected Visit!

This may sound a bit unrealistic to all those workaholics out there but yes this alone can make your mother’s day, so why hold back? Pfft! don’t forget to bring her a nice bouquet on the way, they love it.


  1. Take Her Out, Let Her Be Your Date for The Day!

Just because mothers get old doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy life, or re-live their moments again. Take her to a fancy restaurant and treat her like she is the queen because who knows what tomorrow brings for the both of you. Or even better invite some of her school friends and plan a day out at the beach! These ladies I tell adore beaches.


  1. Get Her Sassy Make Over

If somebody asked us about what part of mother’s day do we love the most then this had to be it! We love giving our mother makeovers, as we go crazy dressing up in bright floral dresses and pairing them up with amazing tights such as the ones we have on 7THBEE. Give your mother a chance to go back into her young days and get her sass on with our leggings!


                        Naxos Leggings              Madison-Hounds-tooth Pattern Legging


 4. Give Her The Perfect Gift: The One She Had Been Eyeing On But Couldn’t Afford!

We all know how much our mothers have sacrificed for us. Sometimes their sleep, sometimes their savings for our education and sometimes their wishes so that we could have what we wanted. This year, give her something that she had wished for but didn’t have enough money to buy it, a dress, a ring or a holiday trip if you can afford one. Make her feel that you care.


Spread love this mother’s day!