How to make travelling A Less Daunting Task!

“Not all those who wander are lost” - J.R.R Tolkien

Travelling is like one of those tasks whose idea sounds super fun and exciting when you talk or think about it, but becomes a totally intimidating and stressful experience when one does get to do it in real life. So today we decided to look into the problem and give you a few handy tips for the next you decide to travel.

Don’t stress out!

A lot of us go through an actual breakdown on the day of their flight. Don’t stress out, mate. It’s okay if you can’t seem to get on the hang of stuff, take deep breaths and let that anxiety out. Regain your composure and you’ll be good to go.

relax, yoga, no worries

Make a list

Before travelling, make a checklist of things that you have to do and strike them off as soon as you do and stick the list somewhere it’s easy to reach and well visible.


Don’t pack your whole wardrobe!

This is the mistake most of us end up doing most frequently. Depending on the nature of your travel, try packing up the essential clothing which you will need. Or better you could pack up clothes that are not only versatile in their use but also do not take up much space, like leggings instead of pants. Pack up a pair of leggings from 7THBEE as we offer an amazing range of vibrant and trendy leggings that can go with most of your outfits, like the V-Shape it can be styled with many different outfits. After doing so, do keep a jacket or a coat in case the weather decides to go unpredictable. However don’t forget to pack few extra undies!


v-shape , vector print leggings                    

                                              V-Shape Leggings 

Have a contingency plan

While you’re packing up for your trip make sure you have an emergency kit that includes: first aid, passport and some cash. In case you lose your luggage on the way, you won’t completely be stranded like Mr. Phileas Fogg.


Do not forget the extra pair of batteries/ charger

Just how awful would it be not to have an evidence of your trip around the world, so make sure you have staples to document your journey!


maps and photography


Inform somebody before you leave                           

Take somebody in confidence before you set out for the trip, also inform the insurance company too so in case something happens to you, you are not on your own.

Lastly! Learn a few phrases

It’s always good to learn a few phrases of a foreign language before you step out of the plan, it will help you to avoid the language barrier and save you from the hassle of being lost on a foreign plane.


travel around the world  

                                      And , don’t forget to have loads of fun!