Its Memorial Day weekend: Treat Your Self! Everybody Needs Time Off!

This 21st century is driving us nuts, working 12 hour shifts, sitting in front of desktop for hours, filing papers, running through the hallway as if the Armageddon was already here! There comes a point where you just want to break out of the vicious cycle and never return. Don’t worry we have got you covered, as today we bring you some of the most easiest sneak-out plans from this horrid routine.

1. Treat yourself!

For all those people who haven’t been fortunate enough to watch park and recreation, this is the day when people pamper themselves. They get involved in their guilty pleasures without being guilty. So, take a day off and get that dress you wanted but didn’t buy, because well you had bills to pay or maybe you had plans that you had to save money for. 

treat yourself

2. Go on a splurge!

You know it, you can easily squeeze a few trendy clothes, accessories or even books in that budget. When was actually the last time you bought something for yourself? Don’t remember? Well that’s okay because we don’t either. So go on buy something for YOURSELF, which makes YOU happy.

3. Get a gym buddy and start shaping those curves!

Having a job that requires you to sit in front of a desktop for hours can be unnerving. It does not only affect your mental health but also has adverse and long term effects on your spine. It worsens with time as your muscles stiffen up due to zero movement, if you do not already have a gym routine it’s about time you started one. As they say its better late than never. Don’t act lazy if you want a relaxing old age instead of bed ridden one! Get the perfect leggings from 7THBEE, like the Calavera leggings which are trendy and comfortable at the same time.


4. Get a vacation for yourself and your family!

Yes! Get a VAY-CAY-TION! Go out, explore even if it’s just a one day road trip. If you have kids it’s going to be more fun since you can play around with them and be kid again. Or perhaps, go for an amusement park, a water park would be the best idea to cool off the heat. This will not only prove to be rebounding time for the family instead this will also serve as a rejuvenation process for all those discussions that had been put off due to your busy schedule.  

vacation, beach, summer, rest

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!