Leggings: All Things That You Did Not Know

Did you know Leggings were first worn by men in the 14th century in Scotland and until the 19th century they complimented men’s wardrobe instead of females?  It was actually not until the mid-20th century when leggings became a wardrobe staple for all girls! Since then leggings have made a comeback here and there without going completely out of fashion. However, for a long time leggings have been confused with tights which to the most rudimentary level are a lot like leggings yet not exactly the same. So we decided to help you in getting your facts right.


14th century clothing

Let’s begin!

1. Fit

Leggings are designed to fit the contour of your body- that is they are neither too tight nor too loose; they have just the right amount of elasticity in them which is both comfortable and easy to put on. The best part about leggings is that they don’t over expose your body shape unlike tights. Tights are designed to fit extremely tight on your body as if it was another layer of skin on your body. Most people prefer leggings over tights because tights due to their body-hugging nature often cause irritation on skin on hot summer days.

tights versus leggings


2. Design

Leggings are manufactured from thick, elasticized material, usually cotton, polyester, spandex etc. their length differs for different needs and styles. Some people wear them as an alternative to capris so they wear the ones that are mid-calf while others like going full so they buy the ones that are till ankles. Designers play around with leggings by introducing sequences, cut outs depending on their mood and fashion trends. Tights on the other hand are made mostly from a mixture of cotton and polyester. What separates them from leggings is their coverage of feet as well as sheerness; you can’t wear them out in the open without showing off your behind as they are really tight in the lower torso region.


sequin leggings

3. Apparence

Leggings come in amazing colors and patterns, unlike tights. Leggings are fun to play because trust us, they literally compliment almost all those tops you have in your closet. Side note: they save you from the trouble of ironing those creases in the morning too! While tights due to their transparency and lack of variation in designs are better off being worn under dresses rather than ‘with’ dresses.