Rule Book how to wear the Printed Leggings

Leggings are that one piece of apparel that can make you look classy and yet comfortable at the same time. From the ones suited for the night to those that work best for yoga, you have so many options to experiment with your looks when trying them out. Of all the different kinds of leggings available, printed leggings are surely classic and add so much more to your personality. But there are certain fashion rules that need to be adhered to if you want to upgrade your fashion game while wearing them.

Rule #1 Don’t overdo it

When wearing a printed legging, you would want them to be the highlight. Overdoing it would have the whole look fall apart and make you look like a fashion freak. As per a general rule, when you wear a printed legging you stick to the simplest of tops. It could either be a chambray shirt or any basic top that would do the work for you. In fact, you can even wear the leggings as tights with a simple dress to give you a classier look.

printed skull leggings

Rule # 2 Use layering for a perfect winter look

So you say you don’t feel like wearing jeans today? Well, with these leggings you can get the whole winter vibe going on too. Stick to rule number 1 for the top selection and go with a simple basic sweater that can anything from a knitted top to a slouchy sweater. You can, however, layer it with a jacket or a vest for added effects.  Round off the look with knee-high boots to stay cozy and warm all day long.

printed mesh leggings

Rule # 3 Graphic tees work, but only in some cases

With the printed leggings and graphic tee, only one of the two can be the highlight of your look. To sport that cool graphic tee, you have been dying to wear, choose a legging with a minimalistic design such as polka dots.

Rule #4 For a sexier look, don’t hide the leggings

If you want to achieve a sexy and sultry look with the leggings, pair them up with crop top and high heels to accentuate the curves. For a more formal look, you can add in some pieces of jewelry to your attire too.

paisley printed leggings


With printed legging, you have just so much that you can do. Follow the rules and create a new look every day. For more options on the different kinds of leggings that you can stock up in your closet, follow our website today.