How to Style Mesh Leggings

There are plenty of trends going around right now and one of them is the leggings trend. Leggings are no more just meant to be worn when heading to the gym. They have actually made their way to daily wear and women love sporting them on a daily basis. Mesh leggings are super popular right now because they are a step up than just plain, regular leggings. The mesh material itself has been hyped about since the end of last year, so obviously this trend had to find its way to the world of leggings.

We absolutely love this trend and therefore want to give you some ideas on how to style them.

Idea # 1

The most basic and easiest way would be to style mesh leggings with a sports bra or a chic sweatshirt. This is the perfect attire for the gym and anything you have scheduled afterwards. It’s also something you can’t go wrong with. Style some running shoes or converse with this look and you are heady to head over to the gym than morning walk. Our Attica Leggings would be the best fit for this look. They are cute, comfy and super easy to move around in.

moto leggings

Idea # 2

On those casual days, opt for something other than a sports bra. Mesh leggings can totally be sported outside the gym and they surely make up a trendy and awesome outfit. Pick out a super cute and basic tee from your wardrobe (a blush or pink colored tee or a metallic sweater would be great since these colors are really in right now) and style that with the leggings. Finish off this sporty look with white converse and even some sunglasses! Our Berge Faux Leather Leggings  would be a great fit for this outfit idea.


Idea # 3

Want to make a style statement? Then opt for something a bit more eye-catching, like maybe our Jungle Leggings?  They have this stunning and unique print on them that will surely make you stand out! Style these leggings with a solid top so that your outfit has more balance. Finish off with some sneakers and you are done to head out the door.

And there you have it ladies; 3 awesome ways to style mesh leggings. Which one was your favorite? Grab those mesh leggings now and look trendy!