The Most Popular Legging Trends of 2017

The legging trend is here to stay and we love it. They made a huge breakthrough last year, with celebrities like Bella Hadid, Selena Gomes, and Hailey Baldwin approving the style. The legging fever has risen further this year with the latest and unique trends within the legging trend. Let’s share the catchiest and trending legging styles to look out for in 2017 for you to stay updated on the legging front.

Black and white

Black and white leggings are the new favorite style of the designers as well as the celebrities and it lends a modern and graphic quality to your leggings making you look chic.



black and white leggings

V-Shape Leggings 

Prints inspired from Nature

Last year bold and colorful prints made a statement by the fashion world seem to have gotten over it. Their new obsession is the nature-inspired prints in neutral colors which give a very subtle effect to your fashion outlook.

flamingo print leggings

Jungle Leggings 

Jumpsuits and Matching Sets

The models and celebrities are obsessing over this trend as they are spotted wearing the polished matching set trend as well as the jumpsuits.

The Love of Pink

Pink is the hot favorite color of the year 2017 and leggings carry this trend too well. So, getting a pair of Pink leggings is probably the best fashion idea to follow at the moment.

pink leggings


Distressed leggings

Distressed details are no longer limited to the denim anymore, this widely loved trend has extended to the world of leggings as well. Distressed leggings are one of those multi-purpose pieces that you can wear both on and off the mat.

Shadow leggings

This style is really popular in the work-out world due to their high performance with thigh high piecing and sometimes inserts of fishnet. They provide a very slimming effect by making your legs appear lengthy.

Frame leggings

These are one of the highest grossing legging trends of the year 2017 with their angled paneling highlights, meshes, and dynamic contrasts. They are also fitted with insets that help your legs look slimmer and long.

mesh inserted leggings

Pylos Leggings 

Moto leggings

Moto Leggings are more of a lifestyle as they fit both on and off the mat and are the hot favorite of many celebrities. With their quilted stitching and mesh details, this article seems to be a must-have for the year 2017.

moto leggings

Attica Leggings 

With our list of the most trending legging styles, make sure to look modern and chic both on and off the mat.