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We are inspired by the Queen Bee and number 7, symbolizing feminine, fertility, growth and connection our universe.

“7th Bee was born with the mission of building a company that has a positive impact on our planet and all who share it.”

Organic Cotton is Impactful for the Environment

  • Production does not involve the use of chemicals
  • Better quality than non-organic cotton
  • Commercially beneficial than conventional non-organic
  • Health-friendly and environment-friendly
  • Ensures better health for farmers and their families
  • Reduces pollution caused by the use of pesticides in conventional cotton farming
  • Most skin friendly, soothing and harmless natural fiber
  • Prevents water contamination and converses biodiversity

Organic Cotton saves lives

Organic certification requires safe working conditions, no child labor, and fair wages for workers.

The $2 billion worth of chemicals sprayed on conventional cotton crops worldwide every year (half of which are designated toxic by the World Health Organization) includes 900+ registered synthetic pest control products. Farmers’ exposure to these chemicals causes occupational illnesses and each year, up to 77 million cottons workers suffer acute pesticide poisoning, resulting in up to 20,000 deaths.

We are committed to offering consumers the opportunity to make ethical and considered choices when it comes to the source of their clothing. Now it is up to you.


The GOTS certification creates standards for materials, the textile supply chain, and social aspects of production.


Free of pesticides and thus reduces your exposure to harmful substances on the skin.


No coerced workers, right to collective bargaining, no child labor, no discrimination, and safe and hygienic work conditions.


At least seventy percent of fiber must be organic, and continues with each step its own parameters: dyeing and printing, finishing materials, and wastewater management.